Salon Services


Hair Cuts

All hair care services include a full consultation, stress relieving scalp massage, invigorating shampoo and conditioning treatment, haircut, and styling lesson to help you recreate your look at home.

$20 - $42
$30 - $70
Children (ages 6-11)
$18 - $30
Children (ages 1-5)
$15 - $20


Shampoo & Blowdry
$20 - $33

An invigorating shampoo and conditioning followed by a stress relieving hot towel treatment, complete with a styling blow-dry.

Shampoo & Style
$25- $50

An invigorating shampoo and conditioning, with a stress relieving scalp massage and hot towel treatment. Includes a blow-dry and your choice of a flat iron or curling iron style.

Bridal Style
$135 - $160

Includes one pre-wedding practice session and one wedding day session to ensure that everything goes perfect on your special day.

*Please note that the full service price is due at your practice appointment. Be sure to arrive with clean, dry hair.

Formal Style
$53 - $65

An up-do style for formal events or just a fun night out.

*Please be sure to arrive with clean, dry hair.


Body Wave

For a full head of curls on hair that is above the shoulder.

Spiral Curl

For a full head of curls on hair that is above the shoulder.

$75 - $95

For naturally curly or coarse hair to soften and make more manageable.

Touch Up
$65 - $85

For relaxed hair, as a maintenance on the roots.

Color Collection

Accent Highlights
$45- $73

Just a touch of color for a face framing accent.

Full Highlight
$60- $105

Color or colors for extra dimension throughout the majority of the hair.

Partial Highlight
$60 - $88

Color or colors applied for dimension and brightness to accent your look applied on half or less of the hair.

$135 - $170

A hair painting technique making bright, natural highlights.

Root Connection
$50 - $80

Color on the new growth line

Full Color
$70 - $95

Color coverage from root to tip, either permanent or semi-permanent.

$150 - $170

A dramatic effect of transitioning from a natural root color to lighter ends.

Grey Blending
$40 - $53

Customized for every shade of grey, Aveda Natural Grey Blending includes 5 pre-blended shades, ranging from light natural to dark ash, which provides guests natural looking grey, specific to the look they are after.

*Grey blending add-on to any service for $20

Clear Glossing Treatment
$40 - $53

Adds shine and luster to your hair. Applied from the roots to ends to add shine and longevity to your color. Includes a shampoo and blow-dry.

* Add on to any service for $20

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

Our smoothing treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free. It’s also free from any other kinds of aldehydes and harmful toxins, for that matter, and it’s as long-lasting as the current top products.

Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment

The Classic Treatment will last 3-5 months on average. Similar to formaldehyde-based keratin smoothing treatments, the amount of time varies by client hair type, texture and maintenance routine.

Cezanne Express Smoothing Treatment

The Express treatment will last 4-6 weeks on average. The amount of time varies by client hair type, texture and maintenance.

Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator Treatment

An ultra-fast, spray-in smoothing treatment that brings hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition "in an instant", without damaging the hair or using dangerous chemicals.

Conditioning Treatments

Hair & Scalp Dry Remedy Treatment

Beginning with a restorative scalp treatment and ending with a transforming moisture treatment leaving hair soft, silky, and shiny. Includes Shampoo and Style.

Hair & Scalp Damage Remedy Treatment

An intensive scalp and hair treatment to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. Includes Shampoo and Style.

Scalp Detox Treatment For Thinning Hair

A refreshing scalp massage with turmeric and ginseng to energize and improve micro-circulation. Helps create a healthy scalp environment for an enhanced experience with Invati solutions for thinning hair, helping to reduce hair loss. Includes Shampoo and Style.

Dry Remedy Moisture Treatment
$15 add-on

Improves dry hair with the power of burti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny.

Damage Remedy Repair Treatment
$15 add-on

Improves damaged hair with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid, leaving strands strong and supple.

Scalp Remedy Treatment
$15 add-on

A deep, restorative massage with the aroma-therapeutic essential oil blend for the healthiest balance to your scalp, setting the stage for beautiful hair.

Scalp Detox Treatment
$15 add-on

A deep cleansing, refreshing massage with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid that gently exfoliates your scalp and removes build-up that may affect healthy hair.

Botanical Repair Treatment

Creates new bonds in the hair to strengthen and repair. Transforms hair from the inside out with plant power. Includes a shampoo & blow-dry.

*Ask your stylist about Botanical Repair add-on treatments!

Pramasana Scalp Treatment

Treat your scalp to an invigorating treatment to deeply cleanse and increase microcirculation. Healthy scalp means healthy hair. Includes a shampoo and blow-dry.

*Add-on to any hair service for an additional $25